when your baby is sick, teething, immunizations etc.,

During the growth and development of your baby, you may encounter some problems like when the baby is sick, when she is starting to have teeth, immunization etc.,IMG0221A

All mother go through with these problems,  it just you have to know more about your babies development, have a regular check-up with their pediatricians and the most important is to have their immunization.

babyIf their immunization is complete your baby will be safe in any kind of infectious virus, chronic illness like tuberculosis, diarrhea etc., they have protection, and your baby can be survive in any of these illness.

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Physical appearance problems

This is one of the major problems of the new mother, because during pregnancy we gain a lots of fats., so we are frustrated  to regain the shapes of your body that you have before., to look more gorgeous even if we have a baby. and to be called a “hot mama“.  just like the woman shown in this picture


”   she is in her early 40’s age with 5 children,and ,just got separated from her husband a month after giving birth,  but she’s still manage to be fit and looks fabulous with her healthy lifestyle and proper time management between her work and to he children. “

If  she can do  it, you can do it too, just practice yourself to have a healthy lifestyle, proper exercise, you don’t need to have a sexy and a perfect body.

just be yourself, your confident on what you are or who you are. this once can make you look fabulous as ever.

financial problems

Financial Problems

  This one is really broad and a major problem in every persons life.Most of the family are lack of financial attainment even if their husband is working, the salary that they earned is not enough for the the whole family. that’s why all the women now in our generation are working also and the treatment is equal.


    what if they loose their job because when they they got pregnant?


               we can’t predict what will happened in the future. there are some instances that we cannot control.  just like being an unemployed,  there are many of us don’t have jobs because we got pregnant, whether they loose their job or maybe they give it up for the sake of  their safety.

 then play the role of being housewife, at first we were enjoying it but when the baby comes out it become more harder for us to budget the money.we have to pay for everything like bills (electric, water , phone bills etc. ), for you food and for baby’s milk if your using formula instead of breastfeeding, etc., to solve this problems we have to find a job, but the problem is who will be the one to care of  your baby. we frustrated to find solution and can lead it stress.  




life after giving birth

One of the greatest gift that the woman could have is to have a baby of their own, and As the other says that is the essence of being a women. upon giving birth we could feel happiness, joy etc., of having a baby.   aaaa  after this what life awaits on you ? can you make it?  these are the questions that comes on your mind, some women plans it before they get pregnant and some are not., At  first , we enjoy playing the role of being a mother , we play along with our babies, feeding them, etc.,  then sooner or later the problem will arise and these are some problems that we can encounter after giving birth:

These problems can lead you to stress or maybe illness, these one called as the PND (post natal depression). The post natal depression can begin any time during the first two months after you give birth. Symptoms may include:posnatal

  • Irritability or hypersensitivity
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Anxiety and worry
  • Crying or tearfulness
  • Anger
  • Negative feelings such as sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, or guilt
  • Loss of interest in activities you usually enjoy
  • Difficulty sleeping (especially returning to sleep)
  • Fatigue or exhaustion
  • Changes in appetite or eating habits
  • Headaches, stomachaches, muscle or backaches.

PND can be cured with help and support of your husband or your family. giving the best comfort assurance will make your feeling better and eventually you were cping up. just have with god and trust him with all your heart.