financial problems

Financial Problems

  This one is really broad and a major problem in every persons life.Most of the family are lack of financial attainment even if their husband is working, the salary that they earned is not enough for the the whole family. that’s why all the women now in our generation are working also and the treatment is equal.


    what if they loose their job because when they they got pregnant?


               we can’t predict what will happened in the future. there are some instances that we cannot control.  just like being an unemployed,  there are many of us don’t have jobs because we got pregnant, whether they loose their job or maybe they give it up for the sake of  their safety.

 then play the role of being housewife, at first we were enjoying it but when the baby comes out it become more harder for us to budget the money.we have to pay for everything like bills (electric, water , phone bills etc. ), for you food and for baby’s milk if your using formula instead of breastfeeding, etc., to solve this problems we have to find a job, but the problem is who will be the one to care of  your baby. we frustrated to find solution and can lead it stress.  





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