Physical appearance problems

This is one of the major problems of the new mother, because during pregnancy we gain a lots of fats., so we are frustrated  to regain the shapes of your body that you have before., to look more gorgeous even if we have a baby. and to be called a “hot mama“.  just like the woman shown in this picture


”   she is in her early 40’s age with 5 children,and ,just got separated from her husband a month after giving birth,  but she’s still manage to be fit and looks fabulous with her healthy lifestyle and proper time management between her work and to he children. “

If  she can do  it, you can do it too, just practice yourself to have a healthy lifestyle, proper exercise, you don’t need to have a sexy and a perfect body.

just be yourself, your confident on what you are or who you are. this once can make you look fabulous as ever.


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